Education Translation Services in Portugal

The education sector includes a wide range of organizations and services, from adult education to accommodations and support services.

It is not limited to universities and schools. The list is endless and includes everything from working with accredited training organizations to provide workers with the skills needed to fill labor shortages to setting up VISAs and other services for overseas students attending the nation's universities and even offering information to people of all ages and educational levels who might not speak English.

Numerous organizations, including universities, RTOs, childcare facilities, schools, and community services, stand to gain from having access to translation services for the education sector. These services may consist of, but are not restricted to:

Translation Experts in the Education Sector

At Interlingual Portugal, we are aware of the breadth of services that the education sector requires from its translation providers. We also understand that you want to make sure the translation is accurate and of the highest caliber when it comes to student information, particularly VISA and important documents.

Are you unsure if your current position falls within the education sector? That's alright! Get in touch with Interlingual Portugal right now if you need a translation service for the education sector that you can trust. You are in good hands because of the easy access, expert service, and high level of qualification.


Cost Structure For Translation Services

Regular Plan

5 Working Days
  • Five Working Day Turnaround
  • A minimum of 100 words changed
  • No Extra Fee

Standard Plan

3 days working
  • Receive Both Copies in a Week
  • Initial assessment of Quantity Desired
  • With An Extra 30% Fee

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