Transcription Services in Portugal

Transcription means the written documentation of the spoken content. The spoken content includes speeches, meetings, interviews, and conversations as well. Our agency offers top-notch transcription services in Portugal. We skillfully transform spoken words into written or electronic text documents. Experience the process firsthand and witness its effectiveness by yourself.

Transcription categories

All transcription services in Portugal encompass A variety of categories. These varieties of categories include legal, medical, and corporate transcriptions. These services are very important for clients who require transcription of police interviews, telephone conversations, and court proceedings as well.

Benefits of our transcription services in Portugal

Hidden costs

We are here to cater to the communication and translation requirements of the customers of both large corporations and individuals.

Our work

Our company emphasizes the unifying power of language. We have solidified our reputation as a reliable, committed, and ethical service provider in Portugal.


When we engage our transcription services in Portugal, it is confirmed that our transcribers handle your information with the utmost care.

Format options

We offer transcription services in Portugal for audio or video content. These services are available in diverse formats that include MP3 Mpeg, WAV, and traditional audio cassettes.

Ease of submission

No need to worry because you can conveniently submit your audio electronically via e-mail or physically on a CD as well.


Transcription services

Transcription entails a transcriber. The transcriber listened to the spoken content in an audio recording and then converted the spoken words into a written document.

This process can be time-consuming because sometimes you transcribe just an audio of fun or it requires up to four hours. The output you get is a high level of accuracy and excellent auditory skills. There may be some challenges that arise due to some issues like background noise, accents, and low-quality recordings, fast-talking speakers. These issues make the task particularly demanding for administrative and other staff.

Our clients opt for our transcription services to alleviate this burden. It allows them to focus on their core business activities. We have years of experience in providing transcription services in Portugal. We are catering to the needs of industry, government, and community clients by providing A diverse range of audio needs. Our expertise in providing transcription services extends to legal, medical, and various corporate transcriptions. It includes

Types of your documents

Multiple formats

All transcribers can transcribe content from a variety of audio and video formats. They can transcribe the content as MP3, MPEG, WAV, and even traditional audio cassettes. It's your own choice that you want to submit the audio to us either through traditional mail on a CD or electronically via mail depending upon your preference.

Multiple languages

We are offering transcription services converting the audio content from one language to another language for your ease. So if you have any specific requirements in this regard you can reach out to us. We will have a complete discussion with you about how we can assist you in this regard.

Mastery and Quality

We have professional transcribers who have years of experience. They boast extensive experience by accommodation of years in this field. A lot of complex projects are tackled by proficient transcribers successfully. We prefer and deliver the utmost accuracy to your project.

Speed and Flexibility

We understand and comprehend the urgency of the transcription projects that are often associated with the requests. We are committed to providing you with a swift turnaround that we believe you will find valuable. Just let us know about the type of transcription you require.

About Interlingual Portugal

We have fully trained and highly experienced professionals in their specific fields. If you want to get a quotation or additional information about our services then you can simply reach out to us without any hesitation.