Personal Document Translation Services

For a variety of needs, including certified translation for immigration, health, science, education, legal, and other goals, Interlingual Portugal provides certified personal document translation services.

Relocating abroad or completing visa paperwork can be stressful procedures in and of themselves. With official documentation, there is no space for error because every little detail must be covered and taken care of. For this reason, you must find a certified translator if you need your immigration documents translated.

Translating immigration paperwork

For a variety of documents, Interlingual Portugal can offer you in-person translation services:

Immigration document translation may be required in several circumstances, including plans to remain in Portugal, relocate here to study, go on an official visit, or just need documents translated so you can travel to another nation for the same reasons. You can eliminate the possibility that anything will be lost in translation by working with a certified translator. This is the reason that if you’re looking for personal document translation, Interlingual Portugal should be your first and last choice.

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Cost Structure For Translation Services

Regular Plan

5 Working Days
  • Five Working Day Turnaround
  • A minimum of 100 words changed
  • No Extra Fee

Standard Plan

3 days working
  • Receive Both Copies in a Week
  • Initial assessment of Quantity Desired
  • With An Extra 30% Fee

The areas for which we offer solutions


Provides banking and financial translation services to all industries throughout Portugal.


Offers mining translation services tailored to the Portugal mining industry.


Providing essential translation services for healthcare has never been more crucial.

Tourism & Travel

Interlingual Portugal offers top-notch translation services for travel all over Portugal.


Interlingual Portugal is the language bridge for qualified energy translation services.


We offers and delivers first-rate translation services to the legal education sector.


We offer both individuals and businesses expert legal translation services.


Interlingual Portugal bridges language gaps by offering the insurance translation services.